Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Last One Posted by Hello

The Last Sasquatch

(August 28 2004 Elk River Trail, BC)

Up, up in the first growth firs
With jays and ravens I make nest
In winter seldom touch the ground
When white canopy is my friend
Alone with my thoughts the silence
Until a distant squeak disrupts
A human child is cold
and wants to go home

I am the last sasquatch
And I play hopskotch,
through the clear cut forests of your world

I cast the air, north then west
for that subtle stink, of dennings past
My mate for life, we met near Bend
Separated long ago, in a glen
When loggers chanced upon us
Warm, hairy musty memories ahhh
I cannot find her,
and fear we will breed no more

I am the Tom Bombadil of this human generation,
the infestation then larval bloom,
in a 3 second span of Earths evolving
Will-O-The-Wisp, Coco Crisp
The salmon are fewer each year
Yet humans grow fat and have young
I am so lonely and do not understand
Where is my mate and my kind?

I am the last sasquatch
And I play hopskotch,
through the clear cuts of the human world

My daughter was hit by a tour bus in Saskatoon
I ate her body, as is our custom, for the memories
She hadn't many she was twenty
My sons I left long ago,
Eehewiherwhakee and Zeke, with the clubbed left foot
I search for them, away from the chainsaw
In the dwindling, deep, remaining, earth shrines
I cant smell them, I dont hear their wail
I feel they are gone, random casualties
of Earth's civil war

If humans ever come to kill this tree
To take the wood for their nests,
I will flee this place
Deeper, darker, safer
But first fall on them in a fury
And smash their heads with cedar limbs
Then watch, as their scarlet waterNourishes the forest floor

Monday, January 24, 2005

British Columbia 2004 Posted by Hello

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